Womb to Bomb to Tomb

How these educated young guys could attack on innocent people? How can they call this as “Jihad”? Did Qur’an say that blood could wash all the sign and build heaven in this earth? Why these guys to use their energy and brain for violence. Indian and Pakistan are really sisters, they have blood relationships and history of love between the people. There are few people like “Dawood”, “Bin laden” and Al-Qaeda/LeT top leaders are enemy for this world. Let us stop praising these dons, we need leaders with humanity and vision. How long our fight will go? What is the goal for this “Jihad”? What “mujahid” done for poor peoples who does not have food?

These guys are enemy for their mother, who’s womb shiver when these guys become bomb to kill innocent people. What they have done for the family? For their country? Nothing other than shame. Now Europe and US are not ready to have Muslim in their country. One more thing these people are scared of Chinese and Japanese people, they know if they attack on them, then Pakistan won’t more in the world map. So be nice to china, Japan, Korea to play safe game.

Dear “mujahid” brother please tell us what you succeed by attacking Indian, UK and US citizen in “Mumbai”? If you cannot touch Israel, is it brave action to attack on “Nariman house”? You are really coward to defeat India with Technology and brain. Your “Jihad” is going to end in another 2-3 years, the world is going to join together to fight against terror. This will bring “mujahid” to “Tomb” soon.

Sreejith Sasidharan


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