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Government failed to control Economic crisis properly.

October 31, 2008

Our govt have failed in all the way to protect our economy and investors money. Whole Stock market went in to HELL. People lost lakhs of money, with in a year. Our PM and FM was giving hopes, but people realised and felt the real economic meltdown with in two month of period. This has started from Jan 2008, many of the experts announced this, but government took it as silly. By 2007 end US market started to fall, so many expert guys knows that our FII will come down and which will led to financial crisis in India.
Why do we need a govt, if they cant control the prices for food, vegetables and rice. All the Indian minister are well rich enough now, so why do they need to worry about common man problem.
I hate the country, can we stop voting these guys to give a chance to make money even though they have elected to serve the country.
Sreejith Sasidharan