India on Terror attacks

India on Terror attacks.

Indians are facing terrible time now, this year till today six blasts in 5 major cities of India. We are not sure how many are going to explode in our tomorrows. Are we really prepared to face this? If not then we will be in trouble. Our economy is directly linked to US and its down like hell. Should take strict actions and plan to punish these ….
Our Government has failed in protecting normal people’s life. They do not have to speak and we are not ready to listen what they have as explanation. We want only action, do it and then speak to us. Congress government is helpless now as these guy are speaking about minority and begging for their vote. None of the true Muslim, who really knows Holy Quran will not do a Jihad with gun and bomb.

These terrorists are doing all this for someone with hidden agenda, if they are doing this for helping Muslim people then none of the Muslim country had clotted with bloodstain. Bombs blasts in Pakistan are for their Jihad?

Many master brain terrorists are playing the role of political leader and businessman. For all the attacks there will be some people to get benefits out of it. They are playing with many human lives for their selfish plans. Why India now? Sorry not only now, always, get into these problems? As there are many eyeing on Indian economy and its growth, they want to scare the investors who plan for a new business or planning to expand current business process. Our neighbouring counties are behind this; some are acting nice and pull the legs when we are getting any Global support (We know how much strain China would have taken to fail Indian N-Deal). Pakistan rival for India, always jealous on Indian development and will always try to create uncertainty in critical times. Bangladesh was very friendly to us when they needed our help. Now they are the agents for terrorists to supply explosives and guns. Should India need open border with these guys? No, now time has come to close these keyholes. As like Afghanistan, Bangladesh lost control over terrorists groups activities and now these are not buds, they became trees with deep roots. So India has to secure the borders more.

See none of the political leader or businessmen are hurt with any of these bombs, they are safe and planning for how to make money and vote out of it. Is there any silent support from these guys? This doubt came into mind because blast started when our government faced trust vote and the Government won the game with magic number. There were lot of conspiracies coming in media and parliament. There were some dummy committee, to investigate these issues. Where are they? What happened to it? As some people planned all went to hell with chain of blasts. People got scared and only thinking how to protect their life now. All these are well planned and have solid agenda with political links.

Attacks on churches are also well planned for political benefits; Congress thinks they can make vote banks from these Non-congress ruling states for the next general election. But they will lose people who really know what they have done in this term.

I request all the Hindu, Muslim and Christian brothers and sisters to realise the sheeps.


One Response to “India on Terror attacks”

  1. London Gigs Says:

    more laws has to brought out. even london has laws to detatain terror suspects and all supprts them. too much opposition in india. maybe vote back politics.

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