How to avoid Oil crisis in India

Let us start from schools and colleges

Students must opt transport facility provided by schools such as school buses and vans. If they come in any other vehicle, should give proper explanations (from parents) and will get minus points.

Promote and encourage students to use bicycles, give points by calculating saved oil and time.

Start schools early by 7am to avoid traffic in the city and end by 3pm, this can help to avoid excessive use of oils in the peek hours. In addition, learning process in the early morning will help the students’ progress well.


All the employees, till manager level should travel in company bus.

Other top level may have to travel frequently so they can have common company cars, which are fuel-efficient, not high-end models.

Should not allow using company car if they have their own car, should be given allowances.

Give fixed petrol and driver allowance as per their profile and travel requirements.

Keep the working hours fixed and avoid the traffic in that area.


As invention of wheels is one of the greatest achievement to improved human life (first one is fire). Then why cannot we have express highways and bullet trains?

Improve the public transport facility.

Improve cities with more metro railways, which purely depends on electricity.

Impose more taxes on luxury cars and surcharge on petrol as these vehicles gives less mileage.

Avoid debates on natural energy resources (between states), plan for alternatives.

Avoid national, state and district level rally and meetings; pass these messages through medias like TV, Radio, Newspapers and magazines (new generation can opt internet).

Levy more tax on fancy advertising boards, which use energy. Use solar system for light boards.


Pay the tax without fail.

Plant more trees, green the county.

Use energy efficient equipments. Avoid lifts, more fancy lights, avoid excess usage of air-conditions and fans (during the winter season).

Save water.


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